The bed bug’s only form of food is blood: preferably human blood. If a dog is sleeping on your bed, a bed bug will choose you for their blood meal first before resorting to your pet.

  • If you suspect you may have bed bugs or if you have travelled recently, the Bed Bug Band will determine if you have brought them home with you.
  • Simple to install and insecticide free, the bed bug band detects bed bugs and protects you from being bitten.

We also offer the Travel Bed Bug Band to protect you when you sleep away. It functions the same as The Bed Bug Band™, detecting bed bugs and protecting you from being bitten. If bed bugs are detected on the travel band you should consider changing accommodations and take appropriate actions so as not to bring bed bugs home.

  • My personal experience with bed bugs led me to develop the Bed Bug Band. As I was making my bed after what I thought was a good night sleep, I tucked my sheets in and pulled my new white duvet over my bed. I immediately noticed 5 different sized bugs walking in single file along the seam of my new duvet.

  • My first thought was that my dog Abbie brought them in the house after a run outside the night before, but after a closer look, I realized they were bed bugs! I knew immediately that my struggle to eliminate them from my home was going to be intense. Prior to this day I had no sign that they were present. I had no reaction to these awful insect bites except that they were going to eventually infest my entire home before too long.

  • As I woke early in the morning, I opened my eyes to a bed bug walking away from me. Waking up to inspect my sheets for blood stains from bed bugs’ feeding was becoming a daily ritual. Since my experience, I couldn’t imagine having anything other than white sheets on my bed.

  • After several attempts to treat and eliminate the bed bugs from my home and after replacing my not-so-old mattress, I woke every morning to small blood stains on my white sheets from where the bed bugs were feeding. Sleeping in the spare room was not an option, at least not as a tactic to eliminate them… only to allow myself some peace of mind that I would not be their next meal that night.

  • It was around that time that I realized I was going to be either their meal ticket or their bait. They came up from all sides of the mattress for their meal and since I labeled myself as their bait, I determined that I needed a barrier of protection.

  • I needed to eliminate any chance of them feeding on me. I needed a band of protection that also eliminated the bed bugs. That’s when the simple, innovation for the Bed Bug Band was born. I thank God because, today, I am bed bug-free but keep my own invention handy… just in case I suspect another possible infestation.