The Bed Bug Band was specifically engineered to detect and capture bed bugs living on or around your bed. Unlike double sided tape, the Bed Bug Band will not leave a residue on your sheets and has the correct amount of adhesive required to capture bed bugs. The Bed Bug Band contains perforations to remove captured bed bugs without removing the band, making it acceptable for extended use over a period of days.

The Bed Bug Band™ and the Travel Band contain no insecticides. Both products detect and capture bed bugs to alert you of their presence and to prevent you from being bitten. Bed bugs captured on the adhesive are not killed. The Bed Bug Band™ allows you to remove the portions of the adhesive strip containing bed bugs and expose a corresponding clean adhesive strip. The Travel Band should be disposed of if bed bugs are captured.

Both products can be disposed of in the trash.

Both the Bed Bug Band and the Travel Band are meant to be applied to the fitted sheet one time. The Bed Bug Band™ lasts until the fitted sheet is change but offers perforations which allow you to remove portions containing captured bed bugs.

The Travel Band is applied to the hotel bed when you arrive. If there are bed bugs present you will usually catch them the first night. If bed bugs are captured on the band, it’s time to change rooms or hotels. The Travel Band alerts you so you can prevent taking bed bugs home.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to install either the Bed Bug Band or the Travel Band.

Both the Bed Bug Band and the Travel Band are 28’ long and will fit any mattress up to a California King.

The Bed Bug Band™ is meant to be applied to the fitted sheet one time. If there are minimal sitings on the Bed Bug Band after a night sleep, you can remove the areas of the areas of the Bed Bug Band at the perforations. This allows for another peaceful night sleep without the fear of being bit by more bed bugs.

Neither the Bed Bug Band or the Travel Band will remove the color from your sheets. In addition neither product will leave any residue.

The Bed Bug Band™ will stick to all fitted sheets including satin.

After use, you can simply discard it.