Installing the Bed Bug Band is Quick and Easy in Just 4 Steps


Pull the covers off the mattress and place the bedding and pillows into the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes to kill any potential bugs already on your bedding.


Pull the mattress away from the wall at least 2 inches.


Begin to peel the Bed Bug Band back and adhere it to the fitted sheet wrapping the band around all four sides. The band will not remove the color of the sheet and will easily stick as you work around the mattress. Ensure the band adheres to the sheet so bugs don’t crawl between the band and the sheet.


Now, go back and remove the bottom cover sheet of the Bed Bug Band to expose the adhesive. The Bed Bug Band™ is designed with perforated sections. If bed bugs appear in the morning, you can pull off the containment strip and you can peel back the top strip for your next night’s sleep protection.